When is the best time to write a book? Now!!

Have you ever been to Someday Isle? You know the place, right? “Someday I’ll travel to Europe.” “Someday I’ll learn to paint.” “Someday I’ll write a book.”  I know that on more than one occasion I’ve spent too much time on Someday Isle. Typically, what helps me get off the island is experiencing big moments like the loss of a loved one, facing a health crisis or handling some other life changing event. In those often-dark moments, I remember how precious every day is that we are gifted.

I get that glimmer of hope and that nudge about what truly matters. I want to spend more time with the people I care about…and I want to make that time to see them that I never seem to have. I want to be fully present…be in the moment…every moment. And, I remember the importance of going after dreams.

The trick to having dreams come true, isn’t really a trick. It’s just about taking that first step NOW. So, if one of your dreams has always been to write a book…start today. Whether you spend two hours or 10 minutes…get started. Where to start? Pick your topic. What is ONE thing you want to share? Who do you want to share it with? If you need some help, consider hiring an author coach or a ghostwriter, depending on whether you need more help with the process or the writing.

I’m forever inspired by my friend who has always wanted to live on a farm with her horses. What did she do? Moved sold her house in town and moved into the country. She bought some land with an aging farmhouse. She fixed it up, put in a garden, propped up the horse barn and built a chicken coop. She just took one step and then another. Did it take her longer than she hoped? Yes. Did the project go over budget? Of course. Is she still working on farm project? Absolutely. But she’s going after her dream and it started with taking that first step.

So, I repeat, if one of your dreams is to write a book…start today! Jot down a few ideas. Share your intentions with your trusted tribe. Ask for help. Contact me if you have questions. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I myself and busy sailing away from Someday Isle and working on my next book project!