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Tell your story - that’s the best advice I’ve ever been given…and could ever give to someone else. My writing and speaking cover a variety of topics, but they always center on the story. And, my favorite stories imbibe in mysteries, martinis, cocktails, and connections. That's why I started writing Drinkslinger  Mysteries and Word of Mouth Mysteries. Thanks for visiting me here and seeing what I'm up to. By the way, as an Intuitive Story Wrangler, I help people overcome hurdles and tell their own story. If you've ever wondered why you never wrote your book, I can help you tell your own story!

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Big Book of Martinis for Moms

"Author Mavis Lamb has the perfect solution to the many conundrums of parenthood--and adult life in general. She wrote a luscious book ... this chick knows what she's talking about. So make yourself and others happy. Buy the book for yourself and give one to a friend."

Wake Up And Live

Wake Up! Live The Life You Love

“This book will bring joy and wisdom to your life and uplift your spirit…”

Cynthia Kersey, author of Unstoppable