Should you write a book? Four questions to find out now!

How do you know if you have a book inside you waiting to get out? While only a few people may become best-selling novelists…many people have book-worthy stories and information to share. Is that you? Even if you’re not a ‘writer’ (or think you’re not) with a ghostwriter…you just need to have the idea, passion and perspective. Are you ready to find out if you should add ‘author’ to your bio?

Here are FOUR questions to determine if writing a non-fiction book is in your future…or if you’re need to start interviewing ghostwriters.

  1. Are you passionate about what you do?This is a basic requirement. Don’t write a book just to write a book. Write a book if you truly care about or are excited about something AND you want to share your knowledge and experience about that topic.
  2. Is there something unique about how you do what you do?Sometimes it’s not what you do but how you do it. Have you discovered a faster, smarter, less expensive or more effective way of doing something? Trust me, others who do what you do will want to know your secret. If you want to share it…start writing.
  3. Do you have a process or program that gets great results?If your process or program gets results…there’s a future in telling folks about it in a book. Don’t worry if there are other books on the same topic. Why? Because everyone isn’t the same and therefore the same program won’t work for everyone. It may be time for you to share your system.
  4. Do you enjoy making lists and asking questions?People love to read lists! Everyone wants to know the top 10 reasons to do this or the three most important questions to ask before you buy that. If you can come up with a list of statements or questions about that ‘thing’ you’re passionate about, you can write a book. And, I bet I can give you four reasons it will work. Think about it…you likely read this blog to know what the four questions about becoming a writer were…even if you’re NOT thinking about writing a book

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, it’s time to start writing. If you’re still worried about not being a natural writer…then consider a ghostwriter. For more information on that, check out my post on Hiring a Ghostwriter.

Happy writing future authors!