Back in the Saddle…Again

Where have I been? I’ll blame COVID, because these days it seems any and every thing we didn’t get done, or forgot about, or put on the back burner is because of COVID. Seriously – how we worked, where we worked, or if we worked at all, changed for most people. I spent some time in a bit of a vapor lock. Wondered how long the lockdown would last and when I could freely travel again.  It changed how I shopped for groceries and what I bought. My healthy diet went out the window – for a bit. I wrote, of course, for the clients I had lined up and was grateful for that work. Still, I didn’t write as much of my own work as I thought I might. I completely stopped blogging and wondered if I would ever come back to it.

I did take this time to rebrand Mambo Productions. Okay it’s still a work in progress – but there’s a new logo, new colors, new fonts, new ideal clients, new focus, new skills and achievements! I am now a certified clergy member AND have an honorary Doctor of Divinity! But now, after a week-long online book camp for authors, I understand I need to be blogging…all the time. It’s a great place to share my message, talk to my current audience, and find new readers. My new book is coming soon and COVID or not – you cannot write in a vacuum!

My next post will share more about my book and some of my rebranding efforts. I am glad to be back in the saddle…again – and yes, that’s a hint at my new brand!