Mavis Lamb

Award-winning Author, Speaker and Ghostwriter

I actually began my career in story land - Los Angeles - during the hey-day of music videos. Does anyone out there remember when MTV and VH1 actually showed music videos…all day long? When I landed in La-La Land, I worked behind the scenes for both music video and commercial productions. Along with producing, I began writing music video treatments – the concept for a video that the company would pitch to the record label. I guess that’s where I first started ghostwriting, because I would take the directors ideas and turn them into the treatment…adding a bit of my own flair along the way.

Around the late 80s country music was big again and I ended up moving to Nashville, Tennessee to produce country music videos. I was lucky! I had the pleasure of working with some country music greats including Toby Keith, Marty Stuart, Vince Gill and George Jones, among others. The other cool thing was I started writing more. This time it was scripts for commercials, promotional pieces and historical films. The only thing that got to me in Nashville was the humidity!

Eventually, I headed to the Pacific Northwest and connected with the production community in Seattle. I served on the board of Women in Film/Seattle for several years. I was still producing but focused more on script writing. As things changed in the local industry, as they always do, I stepped away from producing to become a fulltime marketing writer.

During that time (and honestly to book enough work) I not only began to network, but found I had a knack for it. I worked with the world’s large referral organization - BNI - for nearly 18 years, guiding and coaching others how to improve their networking skills. Over those years, I narrowed my writing projects to books, and indulge my penchant is for mysteries that have a touch of murder, martinis and marketing.

Did I tell you I also like to talk? I love to speak to people about networking, writing, powerful impressions and life balance. I also spend a bit of my time ghostwriting because I love to help other people tell their stories.  And while I have no intentions of slowing down, my plans for ‘retirement’ include me being a nosy old lady who solves crime!

Awards And Nominations

I write for my love of words and my passion for stories and characters. However, I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to be recognized every once in a while. I mean, we all love getting some praise for our hard work, don’t we…or is that just me?  Here are a few or my writing and production projects and efforts that have earned awards over the years:


  • Payne's World – Educational Film/DOI
    • Telly Silver
  • Music City Dream - Tourism Film/Nashville
    • Telly Silver • Golden Cine
  • Senate Hearing – Commercial
    • Telly Bronze
  • Kid Safety - PSA
    • Telly Bronze • ADDY • PSA Citation of Excellence • Parthenon Award
  • ACT 2: Building for the Arts - Fundraising Film/University Prep
    • Nell Shipman Production Excellence
  • Socreate Screenwriting 2019
    • Top 25 Finalist
Other Writing Credits
Scripts, Plays and Musicals
  • Textual Healing - One Act
  • Murder She Drank - One Act
  • The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia - Musical
  • Salute to Christmas Radio Days - Musical
  • DEBS - Full Length Play