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  • The Four Behavior Styles & How to Work with Them
    Based on the best-selling book, Room Full of Referrals, by Dr. Ivan Misner, Dr. Tony Allesandro and Dawn Lyons, this presentation explains the four basic behavioral styles: how to recognize them and how to network, communicate and do business with these different styles.
  • Networking to the Nth Degree
    No matter what you do for a living, networking is a part of building your business, but how do you know if you’re getting the best results? Mavis shares the three-steps to building profitable business relationships; how it all starts with that first meeting and how to take your networking to the Nth degree.
  • Business Networking & Sex (It’s Not What You Think)
    When it comes to networking and referral-based business, men and women do a few things differently. Mavis will help you learn what Dr. Misner and his co-authors say (in their book Business Networking & Sex) about those differences and what you can do to improve your business networking efforts.
  • The Benefit of Balance
    You work hard and have a plan for success, but what are you sacrificing? You cross things off your to-do list, but does it feel like nothing gets done? You know life's a journey, but are you enjoying the trip? Mavis Lamb will share how you can 'get it all done' and still have fun along the way. And, it's as easy as riding a bike!
  • Taking the Mystery Out of Communication
    In this age of texting and social media status updates, both written and verbal communication are becoming a lost art. In this presentation, Mavis explains the TRUTH about communication’s 2-way street and how you can improve “road conditions” for better understanding.
  • The Importance of Showing Up…and the Power of Walking Away
    To achieve anything in life, you must do one thing first…show up! Mavis shares how to show up the right way (yes you can do it wrong) for maximum results. But knowing when it’s time to walk away is even more powerful. Learn to recognize when that time has come and how to walk away successfully and powerfully.

Testimonial – Commencement Speech

I was honored to have Mavis speak to the graduates of Paroba College at our graduation ceremony. Mavis truly spoke to the graduates, sharing pertinent stories and leaving them with an inspiring message. We received many compliments about her speech, from students and guests alike. It is always a pleasure to hear her speak. I know that I’m going to learn from her and be entertained. Mary Kay Jurovcik - President, Paroba College

Testimonial – Workshop

Mavis Lamb led my staff in an interactive presentation on understanding and dealing with different personality types. It was one of the best and most useful presentations we have ever entertained. Her presentation was extremely effective, and the knowledge and skills learned through her program have been the single most successful communication tools that we have ever offered to the firm. I will continue to use her as a presenter in the future. I trust her with educating my staff - and that is the highest recommendation I could give anyone. Steven D. Weier - Attorney/CPA, The Law Offices of Steven D. Weier, PS

Testimonial – Trainer/Speaker

Mavis is an extremely energetic and creative professional, who really uses humor well to get tasks accomplished. Her big-picture vision is invaluable to groups needing inspiration and she adds incredible value to every team she works with. Funny and talented, she's your girl! Karen Rosenzweig – Marketing Strategist/Author/Speaker