Writing a Book…it’s about what you already know!

When it comes to writing a book, choosing a topic is simple…write what you know! I’m not saying you won’t have to do any research at all, but start with what you do, what you know, what you like and what you’re passionate about. One of the benefits of being an author is YOU get to pick what you’re writing about…so make it something you CARE about, right? Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if you’re good at said topic!

Chris' BookMy friend, Chris Bloczynski, is amazing when it comes to online business and marketing. He started with web hosting and expanded into mobile apps for websites (so your site looks good when someone visits on their smart phone), mobile coupons (Brilliant – I love these!) and videos for websites…all the things a business needs to market online. So, when he decided he wanted to share his insights and experience in a book, guess what he wrote about? Online marketing. In fact, that’s what he called his book:  The Online Marketing Strategy For Your Offline Business

Let me digress for a moment and say, you should get this book if you’re doing ANY marketing online for your ‘offline’ business…or even if you are mostly online. One of the great things included are several QR codes that lead you to additional information and resources. For $10 it’s one of the best resources out there to help you sort through what online marketing options are best for you and your business.

Okay, back to writing a book. What’s keeping you from going after your dreams? Most people who want to write a book feel like they don’t have anything to say…but you do! If you are good at something, passionate about something…you need to tell your story. Because if you’re good at something, there’s someone out there who wants to be good at that too…they might be waiting for your book! Just get started! It’s not rocket science! But, I do have a friend who is really good a rocket science. Maybe he should write a book? Yes! Rocket Science for Dummies!!!

Happy Writing!