Women and e-readers…there’s money in e-books!

ereaderA fellow writer, Sharon Long shared a great blog post that was music to my ears as a ghost writer and marketer.  According to Jamie Dunham, blogger and brand strategist behind The Lipstick Economy, that the way we read is changing.  After reading her recent post, it’s clear to me that e-books and e-readers (pick your fave, I’m not taking sides) are two more benefits to being an author. Gone are the days you had to have printed books that you hoped would sell in a book store…now 21% of readers download e-books!

I still love to have a stack of books by my bed…and I always will. However, for all those would-be authors out there – you’re that much closer to your dream! First, (and I’ll write more about this in a future post), self-publishing for non-fiction books is no longer a bad thing! Second, more people are reading (and lots more women) now that they can do it digitally.

We’re busier than ever, but we’re also spending more time in airports, in line and on buses, planes and trains. As we ‘hurry up and wait’  it seems folks are turning to reading to pass the time. And, if women are your target market then it’s time to get that book done now!! Seems 64% of book sales are by women…and, women own 51% of all e-readers.  There’s more great info in Jamie’s post “10 things you need to know about e-books”,  including how e-books are changing classrooms and libraries. And, that if prices fall enough, Amazon may eventually offer them free to loyal customers.

So, would-be authors and writers…get to writing! And, if you’re worried you can’t get it done on your own, hire a ghost writer…because your readers are waiting!