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Move and Motivate at Your Next Event With Mavis Lamb as Guest Speaker


The Importance of Showing Up

…The Power of Walking Away

…And the Journey between the Two


Need a business keynote speaker? Call on Mavis Lamb. When Mavis speaks about marketing, motivation and empowerment, her goal is to help people get where they want to be and make sure they enjoy the journey along the way. A seasoned guest speaker, Mavis has spoken to professional organizations, business associations and volunteer groups at a variety of conferences, seminars, trainings and fundraising events. Among business and marketing speakers, she’s your choice if you want to make a lasting impression…and a real difference.

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 “Mavis is an extremely energetic and creative professional, who really uses humor well to get tasks accomplished. Her big-picture vision is invaluable to groups needing inspiration and she adds incredible value to every team she works with. Funny and talented, she’s your girl!”    Karen Rosenzweig, Marketing Strategist/Author/Speaker    

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