Should You Write A Book? Five Questions To Find Out Now!

Male writerHow do you know if you have a book inside you waiting to get out? Certainly, there are those who dream of writing the next ‘great American novel’ whether they have talent or not. Sadly, there is only a small space on the shelves for best-selling fiction. However, there is a lot of room for non-fiction books…from business to travel to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) to cooking. And, there are many experts out there who have great stories and information to share. But, they often believe they’re not ‘writers’. So they never put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard). The great thing about non-fiction books is that with a ghostwriter, you don’t have to be the most talented writer…you just need to have the idea, passion and perspective. So, what about you? Ready to find out if you should add ‘author’ to your bio? Here are a FIVE questions to determine if writing a non-fiction book is in your future…or if you’re need to start interviewing ghostwriters.

  1. Are you passionate about what you do? Being excited about your work life is darn close to required if you’re going to write about it. If you’d rather be doing something else…go do it…follow your dream. And, write about that. That means, don’t write a book just to write a book…write a book if you care about something, are excited about it and want to share your knowledge and experience.
  2. Is there something unique about how you do what you do? Sometimes it’s now what you do but how you do it. Have you figured out a faster, smarter, less expensive or more effective way of doing something? Others who do what you do will want to know your secret. If you want to share it…start writing. If it seems unlikely, then why do all those ‘let me tell you my secret to: making it in real estate or buying stocks’ type infomercials and seminars do so well? Because we ALL want to know the secret to doing something better.
  3. Do you have a process or program that gets great results? A little different from the above point, maybe you’ve developed a new process or program for dog training or exercise or eating gourmet on a budget. Sometimes, the old ways don’t work for everyone and you’ve figured out a different approach. If your process or program gets results…there’s a future in telling folks about it in a book. Every new weight loss system has a slightly different approach. Why? Because everyone isn’t the same and therefore the same program won’t work for everyone. It may be time for you to share your system.
  4. Female writerDo you have a hook or gimmick that looks at something in a new way? Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul? That entire cottage industry started out as a hook…a fun perspective to inspiration. Now there is not only a plethora of Chicken Soup books, but there are a number of other books inspired by that very concept. People love a new way to look at things. It’s okay if there’s a similar book out there…that just proves people want to read about your topic. You’ll bring YOUR unique, witty, silly, savvy, city, country, ‘punny’ or serious view to your book. So, take your hook, bait it and catch some readers!
  5. Do you enjoy making lists and asking questions? People love to read lists! Everyone wants to know the top 10 reasons to do this or that and the three most important questions to ask before you buy this or that. Whatever topic you’re passionate about, if you can come up with a list of statements or questions about it….you can write a book. Maybe it’s a collection of lists…but I bet I can give you 5 reasons it will work. Think about it…you likely read this blog to know what the five questions about becoming a writer were…even if you’re NOT thinking about writing a book

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, it’s time to start thinking about writing. Later you can determine if you want to use them as marketing tools, sell them online, use them as a way to start a speaking career…whatever. The first step is to write the book. If you’re still worried about not being a natural writer…then consider a ghostwriter.  For more information on that, check out my post on Hiring a Ghostwriter.

Happy Writing future authors!