Mavis Writes

Mavis Lamb, Professional Ghostwriter, Will Get Your Book Done

Do you want to write a book to reach more people? Good for you! Books are excellent for outreach! But…they’re also a lot of work. You may want to hire a ghostwriter if writing just isn’t your thing, or if you know you don’t have the time to tackle a book.

Well then, Mavis Lamb might be the professional ghostwriter for you. Mavis is a best-selling author twice over. She has written about everything from motivation and marketing to martinis, and she has penned several scripts and magazine articles. Along the way, she has also guided people like you as a professional ghostwriter.

The bottom line is she loves telling stories…sometimes they’re her own stories and sometimes they belong to others. As a professional ghostwriter for passionate business professionals like you, she helps you share your passion with others while keeping your authentic voice. Contact her today to learn more.

Or maybe you don’t need to hire a ghostwriter because the book is doable for you. Then call on Mavis when you need a little help getting started or staying motivated. Mavis also offers writing coach services to help you tell your own story.


 “I hired Mavis for a book-length, crash-scheduled, freelance writing project. The results were amazing. Providing someone with a description of the intended audience, a template, and a sample doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll get a product that reads just the way you’d envisioned it–and Mavis sent us a manuscript that was *better* than we could have hoped. I highly recommend Mavis in this capacity, and I will certainly be calling her again!”                                                                    Victoria Sandbrook Flynn, Editor