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Get That Book DONE With a Little Help From Your Writing Coach


Do you have a great idea for a book but don’t think a full-fledged professional ghostwriter is what you need? You’re a good writer, but maybe you need a little help getting started…and staying on track. A writing coach, like all coaches, works with clients to create tangible, realistic goals with accountability and support to accomplish them.


Mambo Productions provides writing and book coach services in a three different packages so you can choose the one that best fits your needs:


Complete Coaching – From initial brainstorming to final editing, this package includes ongoing writing coach calls as well as emailed tips and reminders, and tracked milestones to get you motivated, keep you focused, and ensure your book’s completion.


Structured Support – This writing coach package includes an initial brainstorming session to help you create an outline and a hook for your book. Follow-up emails help you develop a writing schedule that fits your lifestyle and keep you on track.


Effective Editing – Make sure your manuscript says what you think it says. After the completion of your first draft, use this writing coach package to get a complete review of your work, along with an edit of your book for content, tone and impact.


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