Location, location, location…benefits of being a writer

My view in Ocean Park

My view in Ocean Park

I got to have a week at the beach this summer, and that’s a rare treat I haven’t enjoyed for years. It reminded me of living in North Carolina…as a kid we got a week at the beach every summer. This year, I treated myself and did it again. It was a different beach, a different state, and even a different ocean, but it was wonderful. I loved having family there for a couple of days, but after those first two days, I was completely on my own.

What in the world is a gal (who burns very easily) going to do by herself for a week on the beach?

I wrote!  I had all the glorious uninterrupted time in which to write…and I was at the beach…and it was sunny and warm! Sometimes location really IS everything. Being able to do your job anywhere has got to be one of the major benefits of being an author and writer. Okay, I admit it…the first day on my own I did nothing. But, by the next day I was ready to go! I caught up on two books I’m ghostwriting and some marketing copy for another client. I dreamed up some new ideas for my own stories. I slept in, stayed up late, took breaks to walk along the beach and ate wonderful food!

I was able to just be in the moment and get things done. Oh, did I mention I had limited email access and no cell phone coverage? That was a perk I didn’t plan on, but what a great break!

Why am I sharing all of this? Because I realized something I want others to know…well two things.

First, sometimes to be in the moment – you have to be somewhere else. When we’re surrounded by our daily lives, daily to-do lists and daily clutter, it’s difficult to stop thinking of everything we want to get done. Being somewhere else, without all those reminders and visuals…we can more easily just be in the moment. And, it doesn’t have to be miles away – a walk in the woods, a break at the nearby park…any place that takes you away from your normal routine will do the trick!

The second thing is that giving yourself a taste of what you think you want your dream life to be is a great way to be sure you’re going after the right dreams. That week at the beach where I only wrote…and skipped all the other things that usually make up my work day…offered me a glimpse of what it would be like to do that full-time. If you have the chance to try out that dream job, experience that ideal career…grab it. Even if it’s only for a short time, you’ll be able to be in that moment and experience that life. Is it really what you want? For me, it’s a yes!

So, let’s go after our dreams together! Look for my next posts to tap into some of the professions that will benefit from being an author and when to know it’s time to hire a ghost writer.