It’s Independence Day…You’re Free to Follow Your Dreams

Flag and Ice_editedHere is is the eve of 4th of July and I’ve already been hearing fireworks go off for two nights. Sometimes you have to just grab the moment and start celebrating…forget the calendar. It’s Independence Day! There are many things that come to mind around the 4th of July, but the one that seems to resonate with me most is the freedom we have to go after any dreams we have.

Sure, ‘the American Dream’ is changing with the economy and there are a lot of things happening (or not happening) that can frustrate a person. But, here in America we can still dream, live in the moment and take action to make those dreams come true.

I love this flag photo for a couple of reasons. One: it was taken by a dear friend of mine and Two: the friend took this photo in the active pursuit of a dream. A personal trainer for more than a decade, one day he picked up a camera and started snapping pictures. He took action…and took so many photos that he created a website and started taking pictures professionally. This friend also taught himself to play guitar and write music…then started an open mic night for everyone in the neighborhood. Do you see the theme? He went after dreams immediately. He didn’t sit around and wait for perfect timing. He just took action and learned as he moved forward.

I’m inspired by people that live their lives this way. Always learning about what interests them, always taking the initiative to make changes in their lives. I think those lives are richer for that. So, this 4th of July…I’m going to claim my independence and go after my dreams NOW!

Happy 4th of July! Light a sparkler and brighten the world around you!