Can going after dreams override the importance of showing up?

Well, going after your dreams can certainly get in the way of showing up. But is that a bad thing? I just got back from an amazing BNI conference in Rhode Island. And even though I didn’t have time for tourist activities – I was able to go after some of my dreams. However, because the schedule of this conference is jam-packed..I fell off the blogging track. I – silly me – was sure I’d have time to write a post before I left town. Then I was still confident I’d find a moment or two get a post up during the 4 days of conference. Well, that didn’t happen!

Speaking about sponsors at BNI Nat'l Conference - Rhode Island, May 2011

Speaking about sponsors at BNI Nat’l Conference – Rhode Island, May 2011

Writing blog posts is a lot like working out…when you have a regular routine you can keep on track. However, once you  miss one workout, it’s easier to miss the next one, and then the next one. However, there are times – even when you have a regular schedule for something, like blogging or working out – you will have to set it aside to go after a dream. So, instead of showing up at the scheduled thing, you show up where you are meant to be. Don’t berate yourself. Here’s the reality – as long as you are moving forward and being in the moment, chances are you’re still on track and doing just fine. Now, if every schedule and appointment you make gets changed because ‘something else came up’ then you may have a problem. But as far as the occasional missed workout, writing session or coffee date…don’t sweat it. Just communicate with anyone involved and go after your dreams.

Oh – those dreams I pursued at conference? Talking with some amazing people about their dreams and how I can help and making connections for some future speaking opportunities.

What are some of the goals you’re pursuing over the summer? I’d love to hear from you as my next few posts will talk about getting out of your own way and avoiding excuses. Summer can be a time of great excuses to put things on hold. Let’s make this summer the summer of successes!